Game Collections

Game collections are game lists created by Sploder members. If you want to create a list of your favorite games, a list for a game series, theme lists, or other kinds of lists, you can make them from your My Games page!

games: 2 | a list by duck5557474

Christmas Games

Games that fit in with Christmas

games: 6 | a list by duck5557474

Galaxy Generator

All my galaxy games

games: 7 | a list by duck5557474

One Time Hits (Golden Collection)

These games were viewed and played a TON after publishing it for only minutes.

games: 4 | a list by star34

my challenges

good luck

games: 4 | a list by alex303

Eating games

here u have to eat a lot

games: 2 | a list by alex303

The Destiny Crate tale

a bunch of the crate tale games here. will grow bigger.