Game Collections

Game collections are game lists created by Sploder members. If you want to create a list of your favorite games, a list for a game series, theme lists, or other kinds of lists, you can make them from your My Games page!

games: 3 | a list by joacocapurro

the complete baddie guide extras

a special expansion of tcbg. it features more baddies that didnt appear in the o …

games: 11 | a list by supersonic72

Jingo: The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection of Jingo games! Jingo Maoxian is a teenager who finds a …

games: 5 | a list by supersonic72

Sploder Brawlers

All the parts of the Sploder Brawlers game, a crossover fighting adventure game, …

games: 5 | a list by hadiclank21

Temple of The Shaanxi Shadow

Set in 24th Century China, this is the fabled coming-of-age journey of a fallen hero.

games: 2 | a list by grassburger87

Kill Peppa Pig: Definitive Edition

The definitive editions of our epic Kill Peppa Pig games

games: 4 | a list by safwaan96

Demon Hunter Collection

Collection of the Demon RPG games (along with Demon Groove, Demi-Fusion and Demi …