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This group is only for the toughest sploder's u have to at least be lvl 7 to join. Their will be one co-owner and 4 mini co-owners

slippo fighter - by hahabonk
po the game - by hahabonk
hero the game - by hahabonk
proxidist adventure - by hahabonk
Trumpelion IX: The Finale - by pizzaman1
zanzytwitch THE GAME - by hahabonk
firmness the cutter 2 - by hahabonk
firmness the cutter - by hahabonk
plane simulator 2001 - by hahabonk
Coin Quest - by superpiggy
Coin Quest, An Arcade Test - by superpiggy
Embezzlement - by superpiggy
Trumpelion VII: 2012 - by pizzaman1
Unaptre Scince facilty - by hahabonk
Enemy Tutorial - by superpiggy
Invasion..Fall of the Humans.. 8Bit - by superpiggy

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