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Platformer or Shooter?

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What do you like better? Platformer or shooter games. Me personally, I like platformer. Discuss which one you like better in this group. Anyone can join. Created by mikedagamer. I stil like platformer

defend it - by haydn127
Racerman vs Black Jet - by dkow8
The Epic Intro  Made out of boredom - by amirmu12345
::17::- Victory - by amirmu12345
Hatchet - by amirmu12345
6 ways to destroy a house. - by haydn127
Forbidden Dreams - by amirmu12345
tiny wings short level - by haydn127
Convoy Caos - by dkow8
The mission. . . - by slobking
THE MECH QUEST.. LULZ - by slobking
My intro - by fireballanthony
ITS BACK ULTUM GAMES 5 - by slobking
The Big Onslaught - by slobking
Tunnel Rush - by slobking
Wario Ware Inc. - by amirmu12345

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