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Best clan on sploder, 100th member gets a tribute, owned by JJTLEGOCREATOR44. Also there is a contest to decide who the co-owner is for this group so if you want to be co-owner JOIN NOW!

The Escape 2 - by lordeldar
Shotships 2 - by lordeldar
Going To Lidl - by lordeldar
Bug Swatter - by lordeldar
A Dying Wish - by lordeldar
Tribute To Konnichiha - by wiktor2
The Dark Sun - by crunchynut
Roughgrounds - by lordeldar
Armageddon - by bigfootbasher
Epic Eclipse - by bigfootbasher
Determination - by bigfootbasher
The Nuclear Fusion - by bigfootbasher
The Nuclear Fusion - by bigfootbasher
Pokemon Jungle Fury Level Ex - by bigfootbasher
Digimon Vs Pokemon Ez - by bigfootbasher
Don't You L-O-L ? - by bigfootbasher

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