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The Official Sploder Dash Community group! Talk about anything related to racing and post ideas as well as amazing custom sploder dash tracks!

Do NOT run out of adders - by theghanagamer
SPIRAL GAME. - by theghanagamer
tcbg my version 10 - by theghanagamer
Absolute Zero - by fendwar
Just Move and Survive . . . - by theghanagamer
watch this face fall - by theghanagamer
small maze game - by theghanagamer
Baddie Elemental Boss Battles - by awesomefinnz
blood bath part 2 - by zcagle78181
a game but the turret car is weird - by theghanagamer
BloodLust - by fendwar
playing a game in a computer.. - by theghanagamer
pacman i guess - by theghanagamer
Bloodbath - by fendwar
Coolguy - by candylover44
what - by zcagle78181

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