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You can only join this group if your avatar graphic is made, can be made by anyone not just me. Remember, NO NOOBS and inappropriate members!

RuvyTale - by ruvymuleyne
Super Splode Bros. Ultimate Menu - by starcraft1234
Tribute to Nonstopmax - by amaglitchy4
A Monstrosity - by duck5557474
The unavoidable stick - by starcraft1234
Please Watch This Important Video - by 12stasia
Escape the Old Woman 2 - by manolinho5
Short, But Very Difficult. - by duck5557474
Creativity Counts - by duck5557474
Mental pain - by starcraft1234
Glitch Blox DEMO 2 - by amaglitchy4
Glitch Blox DEMO - by amaglitchy4
Derping around - by robloxnoob246
Scribblenauts Demo - by robloxnoob246
The Ranks of Sploder - by amaglitchy4
Happy 2019 - by amaglitchy4

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