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We make are own storys,it will soon be a official sploder website.

Thank You Sploder and Everyone - by thegoldking
Worlds hardest game Demo - by thegoldking
Im back and let me explain why - by thegoldking
gaint match 2 - by ilovemetriod
Its OFFICIAL Im Retiring - by thegoldking
Untitled Building Game Demo - by gamehacker9000
Copyable Sonic game Title - by thegoldking
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Year of Luigi News - by gamehacker9000
reason why i havent been active - by thegoldking
Why Run Run Run Infinity is cancled - by gamehacker9000
Batman Arkeam City Demo Robin - by gamehacker9000
Somone ban Daydream ASAP - by kappykap
Very good news - by gamehacker9000
TMBY WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG - by themoviebrosyout
Memory Game - by themoviebrosyout

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