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We hate everything and we hate how life is a mess. We are the big haters of Sploder, but we still have friends and loved ones. Do not judge us because it's just a waste of time. (Owned by 12stasia)

Beeborobot666 and the EAMM - by thegreengreen07
A Really Gameish Game - by minijeg
Make rude graphics burn in lava - by thegreengreen07
Mini Card Game - by minijeg
I Guess You Fight Onslaught - by minijeg
My phone stopped working - by thegreengreen07
LEVEL 111 Special - by thegreengreen07
403 is the member of the day - by thegreengreen07
Only smart people can reach 427 - by thegreengreen07
Grand Battlefield 7196 - by thegreengreen07
Me doing the gangnam style - by thegreengreen07
Level 100 - by thegreengreen07
Minitaurs - by 12stasia
Escape the Crystal Box - by 12stasia
Escape Stupid School - by 12stasia
Dumb Bullies - by 12stasia

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