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STOP THE "Level up fast!" GAMES!

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We've got a new problem on our hands...HACKERS. Please help us stop them but STAY ACTIVE WHEN YOU JOIN!

Genesis - by robygamesro
fhgb - by spongehbob
Player Dies On Spikes - by mjduniverse
Blade of Darkness - by robygamesro
S.I.L.E.N.T.I.U.M. - by robygamesro
Legend of Asotsuki 8bit - by robygamesro
Legend of Asotsuki - by robygamesro
Giving Away Free Lvl250 Gold Awards - by scyptile
Pixel Escape - by robygamesro
Air Jumper 3 - by theluckydiamond
Mjduniverse Discord Server. - by mjduniverse
Test - by mjduniverse
Zack Skips School Part I - by mjduniverse
Mjduniverse Is Going Inactive. - by mjduniverse
Cyberbully Warning. - by mjduniverse
Click_Here - by mjduniverse

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