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You have to be at least level 5 to join. This is a group that makes popular sploder games

My colurs - by tyler777
Mission:Planet Mars - by tyler777
Fantasy Wars - by tyler777
elevator maze wars - by tyler777
Vintage Doll Art - by tyler777
Burn the Moldy Shiny Cheese - by tyler777
Total Air War 2010 - by chazmaz
Prison Escape 3020 - by chazmaz
OSS Traning Course - by chazmaz
Escort The Truck 'o' Beer - by chazmaz
dummies never fail - by tyler777
Dr CrAzY ChIcKeN NeW KrAzE - by chazmaz
SAD MAN - by chazmaz
its my birthday - by tyler777
Bff Chater 15 Occupied streets - by chazmaz
Seirra 117 - by chazmaz

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