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meh, I like zelda, so I made a fan club. anyway, to join you must play zelda-or at least whatch your mum/dad play- and really like it.

My Intro - by batboy2003
New Intro - by batboy2003
Army World - by armydude123
cool textures i made - by mskilin
super cool original intro - by mskilin
glitch 6 die in an escape pod - by mskilin
lvl 250 yay free awards - by mskilin
lava land 8bit - by mskilin
lava land - by mskilin
halloween intro - by mskilin
beat for aaaaa trrrrrriiibuuutee - by mskilin
new creator yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy - by mskilin
super cool MUST PLAY intro - by mskilin
pacman dont eat all the avatars - by mskilin
challenge for 100 awards 5 - by mskilin
challenge for 100 awards 4 - by mskilin

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