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super sploder dudes

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this is a group wich anyone can join please join because i would really appresheeate it as you can see im not the best speller but who cares about spellings anyway? and i respond quicly as i can

space adventure - by legothingy
Extreme racing - by wiimariokart
mission to mars episode 1 - by legothingy
super blok bros - by wiimariokart
9 ways to Kill someone - by wiimariokart
Shopping - by wiimariokart
KA POW BOOM SMASH BAM CRUNCH - by wiimariokart
SUPER BALL - by wiimariokart
Kill the man with a stick - by wiimariokart
Doodle - by wiimariokart
easy - by chunks
dobster - by chunks
Tribute to wiimariokart - by legothingy
cofler - by chunks
Press r to see an importent mesage - by wiimariokart
be the fastest to get an aword - by legothingy

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