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Its easy,you post any english word you want,and I´ll send you the same word in swedish...You can also ask:EtaBeta,Ploppus,sperowe or LOLIPOOP900.

impossible pinball - by 123j
level - by 123j
robot track - by 123j
harder harder boss battle - by 123j
not so very easy - by 123j
deadly maze - by 123j
easy 2 - by 123j
easy - by 123j
vote on this you are best in world - by 123j
shoot justin beiber and kill him - by 123j
win or die - by 123j
play if you hate justin beiber - by 123j
jumping in pole - by 123j
extreem rollercoaste - by 123j
ultimate rollercoaster super super - by 123j
can you beat my time or not - by 123j

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