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Review by 09w on Monday, July 26th 2010
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Forest Of Majesty is a game created by kittyboomboom

This game is loads of fun, challenging, and is a good length. This turned out to be one of the most epic games I have ever played, with danger at every turn. The beginning was great, starting out with an invisible polygon maze with turrets at every corner, and mortars firing at you constantly. It then goes on to a twisty pathway that gives you some health packs before your next challenge.

The Forest Of Majesty just gets better from then on, more danger, and more fun. Like I earlier said, this is a good length and has lots of challenges, yet it manages to be lagless unless you have a very slow computer. More challenges occur, yet there seems to be an unfinished path in the game that I didn't like.

The enemy placement is wonderful, so is the crystal placement. The game had 8 crystals which made it not a straightforward game, but an adventure. You must make many turns and have many different challenges to complete.


When I finally beat the game, I had been amazed, surprised, and was actually TIRED after finishing it! It had been a really epic game.

PROS: Enemy placement, crystal placement, lagless, fun, amazing.

CONS: Nothing.

FUN: _____
LAG: _
OVERALL: _________


Forest Of Majesty Reviewed by 09w on Monday, July 26th 2010. {trash Outdated Review} Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! - A game review written by 09w for the game 'Forest Of Majesty' by kittyboomboom. Rating: 4.5