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Review by 0minutes on Thursday, February 21st 2013
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Masenko Quest is a game created by splatter

...a member full of tallent, full of greatness and niceness, a friendly member, great Moderator, creative Reviewer and a heck of an Editor, give it up to Splatter on his massive quest: Masenko Quest! TADAAAAAA! Not a shocker at all.


Yo peeps, this is Milking's new Main Site profile, 0minutes, nice username, huh? This'll be my 6th review (well I think) but the first one on this profile. I hope you'll enjoy it because my reviews are very creative and interesting to read, right? Right?


We will first talk about Splatter. He is a pretty intelligent member, not too silent, not too noisy. He's one of the maturest member I know, and it's my honer to have him as my best friend. He has some humor deep inside him, but I think he's too shy to let it out. But I'm positive he'll do that someday, everyone sometimes lets their positive natural talent/emotion out, it just needs time. For Splatter, he's just too shy. He's a Main Site Moderator; a great moderator if you ask me, he helps members all around Sploder.com and he does it in style, hehe. He hold the reviewer badge, but I never actually seen his reviews (yeah, I may be blind or he really didn't write a review). And, oh my God, he's an epic Editor, he decides, not two times, three times about featuring games, which, annoys me at times. xP He has a huge talent for the newest Arcade creator, PPG and shooter. I didn't see his plats, didn't play his Algorithm 3D games and for the Robots, meh, that's a shooter too. He has some cool RPGs, they're very fun and intereting, always new surprises. His RPGs have just one mistake, they're not that funny. You know, every RPGs need to have some humor in it, his aren't that much humorous, but, you get what you see. But they're still awesome, no doubt about that. Lets get to the Game-Play, whatya say? Yes? No? Na, lets do that. Follow me kids! ... Ouch, who put this tree here?!


As always, I'll go with my style. First I'm going to dicuss about the Enemy Placement, then Power-Ups, Game Details and Decorations, Game Name and something about something. Lets go. First, the Enemy Placement wasn't that bad at all, some good enemy choices for the game I must say. They were in the corners where you couldn't avoid them, and if you could, well be a man (or if you're a girl then a manly girl, lol) and fight for yourself! Don't be a chicken like a user named Bobbler, that's shameful. So, the placement was very good and it deserves a high grade. It's never too good if you have much power-ups, and never good if you don't have much. If you have much, the game will be too easy and less more fun and challenging, and then again if there's not that much power-ups, the game will be very hard and, again, very hard to pass. Masenko Quest was just perfect, in some casses you had to fight to get to the extra life, which makes they way more fun. The Game Details (such as vines, coins, the extra things in the game) and Decoration was fine, very clean and nicely put. I enjoyed it as it had much trees, bushes, vines, etc. Excellent. The Game Name, well, I'm jelaous! Why has it to be Masenko? I thought I'm special. Hehe, chill, I'm just joking. But I still wonder why it's Masenko (he's a Sploder member, but he's more active on the community)... But anyways, the name was, in my opinion, in the middle.

And overall, the Game-Play wasn't that bad, I talked about everything and you saw that it was okay. No personal negatives, or things that I am hidding, everything knock knock good good. lol

The Best Featured Member Award Goes To- sorry, sorry, that's not what I meant, I wanted to talk about the Pros and Cons: The Best Woman On This Site Awa- okay, I've gone bonkers. This was not in the script. >_>


-Better name (even though it was directed to Masenko, it could been "Masenko's Big Quest" or something like that, just suggesting).

-More humor (every RPG has it's funnt side, well, unfortunately, I didn't see a big funny side here).


-Enemy Placement


-Game Details and Decorations

-The game was very fun and very enjoyable. :)

Back To School, It Seems

These are the grades, ratings, whatever. Lets make this a fair match:

Enemy Placement: ____/_
Power Ups: ____/_
Game Details: ___/__
Decorations: ___/__
Game Name: __/___
Humor: ___/__
Interest In The Game: ____/_

Feature Worthy, Perhaps?

Yes. This game was feature worthy, it had everything that a good feature worthy game needed. Masenko Quest was a very fun game and I really enjoyed it. Splatter did an awesome job on this game, and I bet much Editor are proud on this game, specially Splatter. Definetly feature worthy.

This Is Where We...Um...Un-Meet

Thank you for reading, and this review wasn't the greatest, I know, it wasn't my best work, and I apologize, I was rushed. I can assure you my next review will be better and more detail and fun to read. End of story.

And the last, but not least, The Massive Arcade Quest Award Goes To... Masenko Quest by Splatter! Congratulatuions to him! That's all folks, goodbye.