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Review by 0minutes on Sunday, March 17th 2013

Game: League of Deities MasterQuest by Rocketeer

Type of Game: RPG, platformer creator

Reviewed by: 0minutes


Hello there, nice Sploder members, this is 0minutes, improving his reviewing skills. This is my second Editor application, that I got by a member called Moolatycoon. I would really like to pass, so wish me luck guys! Today I will be reviewing a game by a mysterious member, he's silent, too mature if you ask me, and a heck of a game maker. The user is... Sceptile! Oh sorry. I meant Rocketeer! Today I will be reviewing League of Deities MasterQuest by Rocketeer!


Rocketeer is a very silent member, he doesn't hang on Sploder that much, he just comes to do his stuff (such as reviewer and editor) and make some brilliant games! As you know, and as you see, and as you read, I picked his newest game to review, it's very great and it's very similar to his previous game (that is RPG); League of Deities. That was an exciting game and I really enjoyed it. But now, he has published a new RPG, I could call it the second part of the first part, heh. It's much more harder, more interesting and very challenging! It's a new quest, a quest for only master gamers, it's League of Deities MasterQuest! I really liked that game and in this review, I'm going to judge it very well. Rocket, if I may call him like that, has some epic platformers, he makes them with syle, creativity and excitement. He makes some great RPGs, as far as I saw, they have some great recepies to getting a well deserved feature. He doesn't make PPGs, arcades, or any other creator, which is sad. I would really like to, and I believe you guys too, for him to make another creator and show his creativity, his silent talent. But looks like he just sticks with the platformer creator, but that's alright, he likes it. Alright people, the Pre-Thoughts are now closed and will be open tomorrow. You can switch to the Game-Play for League of Deities MasterQuest and read it, because it'll be exciting, that's for sure!


As always, I will talk about everything in my order, so lets get to the enemy placement. The enemy placement was alright, not the best, because you could jump over them and easly escape them. But that was just there and here, not at too many places. The first religion was the Enchanted Forests, but I saw a lot of magma enemies, such as the troll with the weird looking hammer, the big magma beast with the scary fire gun, etc. In my opinion, which is very important at this case, those enemies don't belong there because that's a forest, it would be better if Rocketeer put some Snarley's or other enemies that could stick there. But yet, at some places the enemy placement was very good, thrilling as they would say. The power-ups, well the game was too hard, and I think it needed a bit more power-ups; like an extra heart or something. So, the power-ups were in the middle because not too much were needed, but a little more could be great. The decorations and walls fitted the game very well, I liked it. Black walls, black background, it was all mysterious and spooky. It was a nice touch to the game, that was excellent if you ask me. The game name is also mysterious, and, yeah, it's like the second part of League of Deities, so you guys understand. It was a hard quest for master gamers, to be more precise. It was alright. Overall, I liked the Game-Play, it wasn't that much laggy, maybe at places, but hey, it's a long RPG. It was ok, maybe just a few more power-ups and the enemy placemed modified.


The scenery, also the story-line. The game was very dark, and at some places it was very hard to see and walk, but as I said a few times, the game is meant to be like that because it's mysterious. The game wasn't that much laggy, just at places and it wasn't sloppy at all. The story-line amused me, it was very attractive and fun to read actually. You need to get your father back by getting the amulet which the king has, but only if you succeed. But if you fail, unfortunately, you will fall like your father. It's very catchy, and it brings you joy to get further in the game, that is, getting the amulet. I knew this game would be very interesting and fun, as Rocketeer brings too postitive energy, a great creative atmosphere. It was very amusing. Aiight, this time I will skip the pros and cons because I alreday said them in the previous words of the review, I'll go to the ratings instead.

Ratings for...uh...forgot the name

Enemy Placement: 5/10

Power-Ups: 6/10

Decorations: 10/10

Game Name: 9/10

Scenery: 9/10

Story-Line: 10/10

Interest in Game: 8.5/10

Feature Worthy?

So here we are, lets say it. Rocketeer did a huge job making this excellent RPG, and as in the making, he brought loads of excitement, interest, creativity and excellency, he brought some hard atmosphere, also some dark moments. He did a wonderous job, so, I, 0minutes, declare League of Deities MasterQuest by Rocketeer feature worthy! It was hard, fun, interesting, enjoyable, everything that a good feature worthy game needs. So my final decision is yes.

End of The Review

Thank you for reading, I really hope I pass my editor test, and I hope you enjoyed my better review. See you when I see you, so long!


League of Deities MasterQuest Reviewed by 0minutes on Sunday, March 17th 2013. #2 Elder - A game review written by 0minutes for the game 'League of Deities MasterQuest' by rocketeer. Rating: 2.5