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Review by 0minutes on Monday, August 5th 2013
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To Be Determined is a game created by tbremise

Game: To Be Determined by Tbremise

Type: PPG - Action, Puzzle

Reviewed by: 0minutes


Hello there, fellow Sploder members. I'm using this review for my Editor Test, but also for the Annual Royal Review Rumble, so, wish me luck, haha. Today I will be reviewing a specific game with some amazing 3D effect that requires a lot of work. Its creator is a PPG, and its maker is Tbremise. May I present, one of the most creative PPGs around... To Be Determined! This game has shown a lot of talents and it has really shown that it is both review, and feature worthy. So, read on, and I hope you enjoy, my fellow ones.


Lets talk about Tbremise and his game skills, shall we? Tbremise, on the forums, is a very friendly and mature member. He has achieved a lot in his Sploder carrier; all three badges and a General on the forums. Job well done. He shows a huge amount of creativity in his games, especially in his PPG games. When his following project is done, I see a lot of hard work in his games. I respect that very much. His games show some hard, but yet enjoyable and fun atmosphere, they show interesting story-lines and well placement. Yes, they show everything a feature worthy game shows. Tbremise's talent travels trough all of Sploder. To Be Determined was fourth place in Epic Game Drop 7, congratulations! So, as you all see, Tbremise is a very talented user with some gaming skills! His other games show different kinds of styles, and I am sure that this game shows its own style as well. Of course it does, the 3D effect! But, lets read more about that below this Internet Explorer page... or are you using Google Chrome? Hmm...


When I play Tbremise's games, I see some excellent atmosphere, well decorated , with all kinds of beautiful colors and backgrounds. In short language, perfect scenery. So, as we walk trough To Be Determined, we see, oh well I don't know... Shiny blocks! Then we get to the next level and see... Bushes! And then... Trees! And, then the unexpected... Shiny bush trees! So, Tbremise puts all he could think of and even combines all those beautiful ideas from his head and makes the game pretty. Then the game flowers and makes the scenery excellent and perfect. As we all know, Tbrem is the master of drawing graphics, and as he draws them, he decorates them along the way. He makes some perfect carpets and adds them to the game as a bonus to the scenery. Yes, his ideas keep flowing and his decoration keeps flowering.


As I was playing the game, and kept losing, haha, I was sensing some annoying lag... It was either my 6 year old Asus computer, or it was the game itself. I was walking, and then stopping, and suddenly getting four to six steps away from my last stop. The enemies were going kinda slow, but I think they need to move faster. I believe the many objects and blocks keep the game laggy. But it was alright though, it wasn't that slow. The Game-Play perfectly fitted the scenery, and they were both a really nice couple. Now, as always, I count the enemy concept, placement and the power-ups in the Game-Play. So, lets talk about that. Tbremise has some good style, because his enemy concept was fair and good. The knights and skeletons were amazing, they were my personal favorites. They were very well drawn, good job Tbrem. The concept was excellent if you ask me. The placement was just okay, not good or awesome. They could've been placed better, because, when I was at the bush maze at level two, I couldn't avoid two knights. So, in my opinion, Tbrem didn't show his fully talent in this category. The power-ups; barely any. This is the PPG creator after all, and it might be necessary to talk about, but I can always mention it. Usually you start a level with two to three lives, and then playing the level and showing off in action, you barely see any power-up. But, I don't mind because in this creator, power-ups aren't that much needed. Okay, so, the Game-Play was very good overall, lets get to some other things.

Puzzles & Traps

To Be Determined had some good puzzles, I must say. Tbrem really did work hard on these. So, you, the golden knight, can shoot some little blue balls, quite cute. Usually you shoot crates and boxes to unlock several ways and coins. The silver crates cannot be broken, but the other, light ones can. Simple strategy. In conclusion, well puzzles. So, as you all see, Tbremise really has shown his awesome side in this game. Even the puzzles and traps are excellent, good job! The ratings are awaiting..s.


Scenery: 4.5/5

Placement: 2.5/5

Enemy Conception: 4/5

Overall Game-Play: 3.5/5

Puzzles & Traps: 4/5

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Feature Worthy?

So, here we are. My answer is yes. This game had everything a feature worthy game needs; great atmosphere, good Game-Play, awesome scenery, other great details and a bonus, a 3D effect! To Be Determined is a really nice PPG and I respect it. It is very well made and Tbrem really showed his talent and creativity in this game. I respect that.

End of Review

I really hope I do well in the annual Royal Review Rumble. Wish me luck. I also hope you enjoyed them review.

0mins out.


To Be Determined Reviewed by 0minutes on Monday, August 5th 2013. #4 Joust - A game review written by 0minutes for the game 'To Be Determined' by tbremise. Rating: 3.5