10 Clues

By 1lasthero :: Friday October 23rd, 2009


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As the wolrd is ending you find clues.As clues become more known you find different ways to win.As you find different ways to win you get prizes.No prizes,no different ways to win,no clues,and the END.Chop up 10 Clues to win or die.............. 1.Only 2 Archies=Red Danger 2.2 Thors=A Switch 3.2 Snarleys=A key 4.3 or 4 Mongols=A teleporter 5.Thug & Ninja=New Weapon 6.Thug,Ninja,Thug,Thug,Ninja,Thug=weapon power-up 7.Probes=Some weapon power-up 8.Kikuchiyo,Thor,Kikuchiyo= Unused keys 9.George=Almost to "Escape Pod" 10.FireTroll=At the "Escape Pod"


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