Dragon: The Green Project

By 1twenty1guns :: Sunday January 10th, 2010


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The day after the death of your mother, dad, and brother. You Jason Projest trying to--- You've been queving for the Soldier Frontier line. Days and weeks past. Soldiers come to your house and take some blood samples. They made you a soldier after 3 weeks of queving. They tell you that the blood was Dragon Blood. They make you on a special team only 1 person takes a mission you've been chosen on the D.P.T Dragon Project Team. After several months of training you are ready to fight and get your vengeance on the deadly dragons. But the sky is green. You are fighting NOW!!! It's kill or be killed those are your only choices. This is "Dragon: The Green Project". Good luck. Please tell me if lag and tell me if the game is good or not ~ 1Twenty1Guns.


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