Dang....that Was Good.....

Review by 2009257 on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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Shutter Island is a game created by killer47

As people know Killer47 is my brother. My review will not be biased because he is my brother.

I've heard this game has gotten some good ratings. My job here is to see if this game has lived up to its expatiation.

The beginning of this ship game is made to look all pretty and I thought "Screw this cra'p". But the game itself made me intended to keep my journey on. The game has 10 crystals and there are 7 in the beginning. I was beginning to think that this game was going to be short with the other 3 crystals ahead. I was wrong.

I'm going to pinpoint the cons. The problem is there weren't that many. The one and only con would be a little bit of lag. In the beginning when all the morters are firing at you, you start to slow down. And that is probably the only con, and it is not even that much of lag.

There are many pros to this great game. The action is amazingly intense, that is very hard to beat. Another one is great health placement. I won this game with barely any health. Killer gives you just enough health to live and I like that. The length of this game is great. One person beat this game in 20 minutes. xD The challenges in this game were excellent.

The near end of the game comes together quite nicely. But Killer threw in a trick I never knew. A magnet was enclosed by a door facing the other way. The magnet will drag you out of play I was astonished. The rest of this game is just simple action until you are faced with the last three crystals.


The end of this game is something I never expected.......a ROBOT! The robot killed me two times before I finally won this game. Yes I spoiled the end of this great game, so what, like you could make it that far. :P This game is a good challenge.

All together this is a great game with basically no major cons except for that small one. Other than that this game is full of pros.




-Health Placement




Score: 80%

Final Comments: This is a great game. A job well done. I would recommend this game to anyone. It is amazing. Great game, Killer.