Nector the Bear

By 5guy :: Wednesday November 18th, 2015


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Credit ------------------------------Master 106 for item and prop graphics Gaminator: for graphic help Random sploder members: For a few props Me: all charaters, enemies, and ground graphics except for the wood and ceiling grass in level 3 are mine. ------------------------------Story ------------------------------ There is a bear named Nector who has girl Friend honey everyone says How Sweet Honey is.One day a group of bees get word of this and they kidnap Honey the Bear! They take her to the Queen. They soon find out that she's not actual honey, but the Queen thinks there might be honey inside her, so they plan to dissect her...bees aren't that smart. Now Nector must go on an epic Quest to save Honey the Bear, can he do it? No,no he's going to die, and probably in the first level too ha ha! Well guess you can see for yourself. Good luck Necotor I'll wait a few levels to sell all your stuff in case know. ------------------------------


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