Neighborhood Nightmare

By 5guy :: Tuesday December 30th, 2014


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THIS GAME IS A 3D PLATFORMER SO PLEASE TREAT IT LIKE ONE also can you please leave feed back(gameplay) jump by pressing the space bar and shoot by clicking remember that your spray is very powerful almost like stong wind)(story)one day in a lab scientist wanted to know if plants could think like humans after test the learned they my have some form of thought. but they wanted to make them more intelligent so the did just that the next day the plant wasn't there! later a few weeks from then a boy named Jack is told to do his garnding chores( not wanting to do that) he looks for a quicker way to do it he runs into a stranger(telling him if he wants to but spray that puts an end to gardening work by making plant grow faster) Jack buys the spray and uses it on the plants and then... THEY MUTATE using weed killer Jack must rid the Neighborhood of these mutants before its to late(wth the help of his smart friend)


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