"This" Had Potential

Review by 7grant2 on Friday, May 17th 2013
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This is a game created by gnashtynas

The Retro Arcade Maker is very, very new, so essentially a lot of reviews regarding Retro Arcade games at this time may not be up to their fullest standard as there are new possibilities in this arcade maker we have yet to uncover. For now I will base my review off of the few Retro games I've played along with how well I enjoyed this game. Keep in mind that I haven't played a whole lot of Retro games so my review may be a bit too harsh.

That said, let's begin the review.

Bad Difficulty Curve

Since this game does have a "plot", plots are generally based on the premise of a rise to the climax, a rise of action, a rise of tension. The fact that all the stages in Level 1 are more difficult in Level 2 take away any sort major development of tension on plot as well as gameplay. Having difficulty on the first level, I managed to breeze through the later levels no problems.

Good Ideas, Needed Better Execution

I have to say Level 1 was very repetitive. The fact of gaining option coins and its gameplay quite passable made the game only intriguing to those who went out to get those extra things (since they were passable, the game was actually quite easy from that standpoint).

The game takes a risk by gambling that the player will explore these extra areas when, in fact, these areas can be bypassed and the game be just as relatively easy. Extra areas are great and all, but with this maker, additional areas seem to be difficult to implement as there is only so much area you can cover. The risk of putting in these areas did not pay off.

Needless to say, Level 2 did have some interesting changes to progression that I found quite settling. Even though the stage with the colossally tall cacti handed my rear to me on a silver platter; it was a unique stage. My hopes for more unique stages were anguished for this was the only stage to have done it well.

You noticed that I've said that this game is not great in any detail - I might add that while there was repetition in Level 1, generally the mild exploration of it was nice, and some of the platforming was definitely fun, but with nothing to put the icing on the cake it just sort of dissolved into the whole game as just ok.

Level 3 is an excuse for a "dramatic build-up" in which I traversed empty levels to fight 3 enemies and call it a game. I was expecting a massive shootout, not a claustrophobic mess in which I jumped and shot magic spells like candy. It was very anti-clamatic for what plot it had and for what the gameplay was leading up to.

Plot, not quite

Since there is a plot, it will be mentioned in this review, and it was quite skeletal. In fact, with all the jargon and random names, the universe of this game is only created through those words. You can replace those words with any basic plot structure and the story would hold the same meaning. Plot is an illusion here and is not a driving force for this game at all. Exposition dumping does not serve as a plot, just information we have to translate. The only thing that this plot managed to do was create a setting - that is all.

Also, I have no flipping clue what the title means in terms of this game. Might as well pulled a rabbit out of your hat and used that for the title for its about as relevant.


5/10 is completely average, having done nothing good or bad.

Plot: 1/10 - You are a dude who has to save something and go through some places to get there.

Creativity: 6/10 - Definitely had good ideas, just wished that more variety and complexity was added to the situation.

Flow: 4/10 - The additional areas were great fun to explore, but having to be easily passable and the main course easy to get by, it definitely takes a blow there.

Difficulty: 6.5/10 - Bad difficulty curve, but definitely challenging enough to make it interesting later.

OVERALL: 6/10 - Playing the game isn't too bad if you get past the beginning but it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after finishing it. I'd say its above average, but definitely has some holes it needs filled.


This Reviewed by 7grant2 on Friday, May 17th 2013. "This" Had Potential - A game review written by 7grant2 for the game 'This' by gnashtynas. Rating: 3