alien invasion 1: infiltration

By agpa99 :: Friday March 6th, 2009


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You are the best ship pilot on earth. you have just got promoted and got your very first general-mission. when you are floating around in space over the planet marcrediat, you suddenly got cought by evil aliens. they ask you about earth and you have no choice but to tell. when they have heard what they wanted they shot you down and head to earth. - Earth is the perfect planet to rule! they say. you crash-landed at marcrediat but you find a guy that says he is your best fan ( he picks up an actionfigure meant to look like you) and he offers you a new ship. it is very old but it has to work. you must save earth! when you are back at earth, you see aliens all over the planet. they have taken over your academy. you have to kill all aliens but some of them can only be killed by a power crystal, crystals that all are spread over the earth. some of them are in the academy. you must take them and the academy back so you can take on the aliens and kill them once and for all! MISSION: take the crystals without getting killed!(easy)


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