alien invasion 2: assault

By agpa99 :: Monday March 9th, 2009


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when you took the last crystal it suddenly transformed to some kind of liquid and becomes one with you. but you have finally rescued everyone in the academy and are not going to think about it right now. The alien-king are very angry and you can hear his screaming all over the earth. he sends out "captain Bardozza" to kill you but he did not find you. in a cave by the sea you are planning an assault on the captain. all your forces are hiding near the captain but they are almost invisible. suddenly a robot saw you and an alarm tells the captain were you are. you kill the robot but it was to late. the captain clicked on a button and everyone in your army except you turned into robots. Henry, you said and tapped him on his shoulder. he suddenly became a human again. Henry (the smartest in the academy) says: they put something on us when they catched us. I think it is rahgnoz-gel.You asks him: what the hack is that!? while avoiding enemy attacks he tells you that it is like a brainwash but when an enemy touches it the brainwashed object turns to its normal form. if it is toched by an ally it transforms back to their side. you tells him: we have to rescue the others and kill the captains army! MISSION: kill all enemies (medium hard)


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