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By alaricpetz :: Wednesday July 1st, 2009


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EARTH THE PLANET WE LIVE IN!* was made by my friend named jonjon.. He has worked so hard on it and it hasn't gotten in the contest! The worst part is, MY crumby game got in the contest and WON and it was just a black screen! Jonjons game also says an important message.. We need to take care of our planet for our children! If all we do is screw with animals and destroy earth, why are we here?! Think about it, if all we do is deteriorate our ecosystem, wouldn't earth be better WITHOUT humans? Ask yourself, why am I here? Some believe that we are here to serve a god. This is fine as long as it doesn't hurt our planet. In fact, religion (in general) often HELPS our planet. What I'm trying to say is.... DROP EVERYTHING AND NOMINATE HIS GAME WHEN THE NEXT CONTEST COMES AROUND!!


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