Soldier s Sacrifice

By arsalankhan :: Thursday October 2nd, 2014


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Hello my name is Nathan ! And i am a soldier. And i have a mission that is to protect the crystal from my enemise, they want this crystal because they want to do some evil work on it and that is that is the reason why i am protecting it. It is not ordinary crystal it is KOHINOOR!!!!!!!! Level 2. After he goes inside the door he travels 1000 years back in some place , that he don't know about , he search for the exit but he cannot find it. Then he went in an "unknown" building , suddenly he slips and fall into a tunnel then his journey begins. Level 3. After searching and searching . Nathan finally found the magical door , and then he travels 1 day later (In his time). Level 4. Then he found that he has been caught by his enemies and he saw himself executing. Then he goes back into the magical door . (At that day's night) And start running as fast as he can than he rest for about 10 minutes then he run again and again. After that , he saw the sun is rising and he saw his enemies there, suddenly he slips and caught by his enemies. Level 5. He is DEAD. Nathan is Dead. Farewell, Nathan Hale.


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