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Review by articuno360 on Sunday, March 19th 2017
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Witch Chaos is a game created by mat7772lordeldar

(Note before the review: This review will be quite short because Iím not familiar with the arcade creator)

Hello everyone, Iím here again to review a game for the first/second (depends on where you live) time of the year. Today I will analyse Witch Chaos, a game which Matty (or Mat7772) and Lordeldar both worked their butts off to create it. Witch Chaos was the last featured game on Sploder during 2016, and also very quickly after its release. This isnít surprising though, as both members are well-known on Sploder for having over 38 featured games each. But this increases our expectations a lot.

Pre Thoughts

There are a few ways to judge whether or not you want to play a game. These include the thumbnail, the reputation the members who made it have and the comments. So letís start off with the thumbnail. Itís nothing special, it just looks like an average arcade game with a house. Next, we have the comments. My hopes for his game rose a little when I noted all the positives of the game which people pointed out in the comments. But finally, I was thinking about the creators. Now at first people would play a game because it was made by either of these two members (what I mean by this is that they have such a great reputation for making enjoyable games). But then I considered the fact that this is an arcade game. Between these two members, only three arcade games have been made. Sure, theyíve been very good and enjoyable arcades, but compared to the amounts of games they have made of other creators makes me wonder whether they put as much effort into Witch Chaos as they would for platformer or shooter games. However itís a good thing I played the game, because Iím now sure that they put 127% into its development.


The story of Witch Chaos is very simple. The player (Lordeldar) goes to find food, and on their way to find food encounters his friendís house (Mattyís), and witnesses Matty getting kidnapped. The player gets cursed on the way to save his friend. But then the gets darker as the player witnesses Matty die. I like the simplicity of the story and how it is easy to follow, and the fact that the story is changed completely as Matty dies. I must say, that the story is a clichť in the sense that the player goes out to save Matty, but the fact that Matty dies is different as it changes up the story completely. I didnít get much further so apologies to Matty and Lordeldar if I get this wrong, but the player then goes on a quest to kill the witches. Having watched Matty die, the player wants to get to the end of the game and kill the witches.

One thing I loved so much about this game are the incredibly creative boss battles. They arenít just the simple ĎKill The Baddies!í but they are unique and creative in the sense that there are external threats which distracts the player from killing any enemies they are faced with. These distractions vary from the purple balls which the large robots fire at the player from cactuses coming out the ground. These certainly make the boss battles more fun and challenging.

To be perfectly honest, I thought that Witch Chaosí scenery was very generic. I like the proportions of the background details, but I didnít feel like the scenery was special at all. There werenít many custom textures which I think wouldíve spiced up and made the scenery more interesting. Also I found that the custom textures which were included in the game were too similar as their colours and textures were too similar. The custom textures shouldíve been more varied.

Overall Scores

Gameplay: 4.5/5

Story: 4/5

Scenery: 2.5/5

Difficulty: 4/5

Total: 3.8/5

Witch Chaos is a very fun game, witch (haha you see what I did there? :P) easily deserves the feature it holds. The game is fantastic in every aspect apart from the scenery which it seems to lack (I do appreciate the fact that it is fairly hard to make a game look good in the arcade creator). Matty and Lordeldar certainly proved me wrong when I asked myself whether as much effort wouldíve been put into the game, and in fact the game as a whole surpassed my expectations.

Thanks for reading my review on Witch Chaos, a collaboration between Matty and Lordeldar, sorry for the short length, but I hope you have a fantastic day!


Witch Chaos Reviewed by articuno360 on Sunday, March 19th 2017. #6 Witch Game Should I Play Today... - A game review written by articuno360 for the game 'Witch Chaos' by mat7772lordeldar. Rating: 5