My First Review

Review by artstation100 on Monday, September 6th 2010
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Pump It is a game created by neal


When I saw that this game got featured I thought it should be pretty good because its by neal and it got featured so i had potential for this game.


When I started out I really liked this game because of the good enemy placement and the traps. Another thing I liked was all the enemies that you had destroy but a problem I noticed was lag because in the game there is a bit of lag throughout the entire game which is a bummer but I thought this game was still very fun and creative so far. When I made it out of the hot block tower structure thing I went out and fought some ninjas then I went up the gear elevator I noticed the good enemy placement and creativeness so when I got up to the top where the gears end I fell in a trap and died.


- The lag.


- Lots of enemies and hazards everywhere.

- The large amount of hot blocks.

- Lots of traps everywhere.


Difficulty: *********/********** 9/10

Action: *********/********** 9/10

Health: *****/********** 5/10

Length: ********/********** 8/10

Creativity: *********/********** 9/10


********/********** 8/10

Final words:

Neal this was a heck of a game that definitely deserved to be featured.

Good job!



Pump It Reviewed by artstation100 on Monday, September 6th 2010. My First Review - A game review written by artstation100 for the game 'Pump It' by neal. Rating: 4