Kinda Disappointing

Review by artstation100 on Tuesday, December 28th 2010


So I've noticed that this game has gotten a lot of good comments and support like for example getting into the weekly editors pick which is not easy to accomplish for a lot of game makers these days. So I decided to play this game because I like to play very good and challenging games which this game seemed to offer. So lets get to the review shall we?


Okay so the key thing that I noticed from the start of this game was the design work in this game but I needed a little bit more than design work to give me the whole "Wow" affect so I continued playing to see if this game got any better or if it'll give me that "Wow" affect. Something that disappointed me in the beginning was the invisible puzzle because It honestly didn't revolutionize any new puzzles or anything like that which was very disappointing for me because ogglee could of added some much stuff to that area.

But I still continued playing because some games have slow starts and have strong finishes so I kept playing and I found another disappointment which was the circle area with turrents on the edges circling it. I found this very disappointing because it doesn't even work because your invisible the whole time which was sorta a waist right there in my perspective but yet I stilled played to see if this game got better towards the end. But something that was a major disappointment I had was the amount of health he added, He added a mega health in the very start when you have all your health with you which didn't provide much of a challenge for me to accomplishing this game. But with all my health with me I still managed to still play this to see if It got any better , but one thing I do have to say that was a strong point in this game was the action sequences and the mortar placements but I wished ogglee wouldn't have added the mojo and mega health in this game to make those action sequences more intense and funner to play. But once I got to the keys I started to lose some health which was I guess good because if I managed to beat this game with all my health I would be really disappointed. So I got all my spider keys and opened the 3 doors and went into the new room which I saw a group of 3 turrents and obstacles in between them which I completely went by without much struggle >_>. I then drove up then proceeded to destroy 2 small speeders and claimed my crystal which I then won the game. But I was really disappointed at the size of the map because It literally only took me about 3 to 2 minutes to complete this game and I'm not the best at playing games so I was a little bummed about that. But if I was ogglee I think he should make a longer version of the game with new puzzles,longer and bigger map,and not so much health everywhere you go. But things I would say that are to keep is the design work and the action sequences such as the magnet ones. But lets get to the scoring.


Lag: 0/10 (No lag at all)

Enemy placement: 5/10 (Some enemies were not placed in the correct spot)

Design: 9/10 (Great job1!)

Health placement: 4/10 (Try not to add to many mega healths or mojos again)

Length: 3/10 (Needed to be a bit longer. lol twss)

Action: 6/10 (Some places in the game were a little slow at times)

Overall: 6/10

Other notes: Ogglee I really hope I didn't offend you in this review because I'm a big fan of your games but not necessarily this one. I hope you really don't take this personally because you make other great,fun,and challenging games which I enjoy very much and I hope you keep it up. And I think you should make a sequel to this game with awesome puzzles and not so much health because If you did it would be willing to get featured in no time.


A Twisted Day: Dreamcasting Reviewed by artstation100 on Tuesday, December 28th 2010. Kinda Disappointing - A game review written by artstation100 for the game 'A Twisted Day: Dreamcasting' by ogglee276. Rating: 3