Extremely Difficult

Review by artstation100 on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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Timidity is a game created by whtever


Okay so I've always sort of wanted to review this game for a while now but never really got the time to but since I have some spare time I decided to review this. But from the looks of this game it looks pretty cool and I expect a decent game from the creator of the protraction series so I had high hopes for this game. So I had good thoughts on this game so I decided to give it a shot.


Okay so from the start I noticed that this game was really intense like his other games such as the protraction but I started to get worried because I was starting to lose health dramatically. But I hung in there and kept trying to win this game with very low health on me. But I noticed all the action sequences in this game that were super intense that you could not take a break on which was a 1 in my books. But I continued playing and reached the arrow area which was very challenging for me because the turrents,speeders,magnets,mortars,and spider key were eating my health quicker than a fatboy would eat a chocolate cake. But somehow with using all my bots I managed to kill the spider key with only losing a little bit of health but right after all of that a couple of bullet or missles shots would end it. But I drove my ship up to the arrow area up top the other arrow area and saw that there were about 2 mortars and 4 enemies and a line of nitro so I pretty much knew I was done,but It was so fun that I decided to try it again and see if I could beat it this time or at least get pretty far in the game. So I did the usual again until I got to the area with turrents and the red spider key and I noticed the yellow door that had a invisible power up on it so I thought that would be helpful so I used it and found out it wasn't enough to get farther than when I died the last time. So after that I gave up trying to beat the game because I was starting to get frustrated and I knew I probably wasn't gonna get any farther the next time. But I'll tell you some of the things I did like and didn't like about this game from only the small area I did get to see be able to play. Okay so the things I loved about this game was the enemy placement (even though the dang turrents and speeders were so annoying -_-) The other thing I liked about this game action and intensity that this game offered which I thought was a real 1. But some of the things I didn't like in this game was the difficulty (I know I kinda like a noob for saying that but I just thought that if your not a legend at playing games then you should not play this at all.) And that's about it for the things I didn't like part because I really liked this game and wished I could be able to beat it and accomplish it.


Overall: 8

8: The score of 8 means that this game was very very good but not the best.

Extra notes for creator:

Whtever sorry for the short review but I could only get so far in the game to actually really take note of to many things but from what I could see this game was a very good and fun game to play that I enjoyed a lot. So keep making games like these and you'll be at the top.