I Don't Get The Name.

Review by augustjune380 on Sunday, June 13th 2010

I Am Officialy Leaving Sploder, by cherry101, is a game that took me seventeen minutes and fifty four seconds to beat!

Before The Game

I went to play the game while I thought "Oh, wait...this is a level nine game, it may be hard." I went with my gut and tried. And I won. A game that takes 17:54 to beat has some serious skills. Or just a bunch of lag.

Playing The Game

After I had gotten past the beginning, it seemed pretty easy. Especially with all the megahealth and mojo spread across. I had my HP over the top practically the whole time!

This game has a link between games that have a lot of health, and games worthy of feature. If you have played this before, you'll see what I mean.

After The Game

I was pretty relieved to have finished the game, with that time of 17:54 on the scoreboard, second place. I will explain the reasons further down.



Good Layout



Too Much Health

Too Many Enemies

WAY Too Much Lag

Puzzles: ___/_____
Fun: ____/_____
Lengthy: _____/_____
Enemies: _____/_____
Overall: ____/_____

Total: 21/25

I encourage you to play this game.


I Am Officialy Leaving Sploder Reviewed by augustjune380 on Sunday, June 13th 2010. I Don't Get The Name. - A game review written by augustjune380 for the game 'I Am Officialy Leaving Sploder' by cherry101. Rating: 4