AutumnWinter Kart

By autumnwinter :: Monday January 18th, 2016


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Hey, this is AutumnWinter on New Year's Day in 2014! I'm starting on this game called AutumnWinter Kart, and it will be my best game! (time travels forward) Hey, guys! This is AutumnWinter in January 2016, and I just finished making AutumnWinter Kart! Here's the basics: You're the orange kart: me! The other karts are Juniortennis7 (blue), Swimmer18 (red), Dust59 (brown), and a new character, A.K.A. my archrival, SpringSummer (yellow). You can control your kart with A, W, and D, or the side arrow keys and W. This is probably my best game created so far, so please enjoy it, and here's the music so that you can listen to it while driving! Junior Circuit: Frosted Temple: Synth Shore: Autumn Circuit: Swimmer's Haunted Beach: Candy Creek: Dust Driftway: Winter Castle: Rainbow Road:


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