To the Pencilverse and back Ep1

By awesomefinnz :: Saturday November 17th, 2018


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This is a story about David Craig and Tina Lee going into an absolute crazy dimension where everything is created by literally a universal pencil, they are taken there and separated from each other... help them reunite again and escape the Pencilverse! ---How the Dialogues work?--- When it says for example Dialogue(1) in the game, head to the description and find Dialogue(1) here. ---Credits--- Graphics by: Awesomefinnz & Wordigirl(make sure to check out her games!) ---Dialogues--- Dialogue(1): David: King Infinitium LX, my name is David, and It has been an Honour meeting you, can you tell me where am I? Inf. LX: You are at the land of Ezgo Realms, the home of magic and peace! where from Mosters to even Mechanical Hydras dwell this land! what seems to be the problem? David: I umm... am from another dimension, I came here with a friend but she got lost on the way here... Inf. LX: Visitors?... Im not sure how Xeno will react to this. Anyways, do you know where she is? David: Im afraid not... for I miss her so much, her name is Tina Lee. Inf. LX: Worry Not David. For my Wraith friend Kyle will help you find her. David: Thank you so much! (End of Dialogue 1)- Dialogue(2): Inf. Lishear: HA! I HAVE FINALLY FOUND YOU! after all this time... and I will end you here right now! Inf. LX: why did you come here? Inf. Lishear: You know that you were the weakest among us, so you escaped here... And yet to be the king of this planet!? I will show you who the real deal is! ME!!! (End of Dialogue 2)


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