Omigawsh Ish A Cashul Of Bones! :O

Review by babybuster4ever on Saturday, August 13th 2011
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Castle of Bones is a game created by jcaldwell


Anyway, Today, Castle Of Bones by Jcaldwell is my review subject. Now, I had never heard of Jcaldwell until he complemented my game. I went to his page to say thank you, and noticed his games seemed quite appealing. I played a few, but there were none I liked more than his game 'Castle Of Bones'. The Thumbnail wasn't the most appealing, but I played it anyway. And I was very glad I did, you could say.

Game Play.

This was great, other than a few little tid-bits that could be fixed up. For example, in the hallway of Switch-Polys and Mud Polys, other than when you get attacked by the disruptor, The Mud Polys weren't necessary; pretty much just annoying. Power ups were placed and given more than they were needed, as were enemies.

Lag in certain places was somewhat of a problem and will most likely reduce your enjoyment of this game. Of course, by taking certain steps, this could have been minimized. For example, The hallway with all the turrets could have possibly been the most laggy action sequence I have ever seen on here. The room with about fifty speeders didn't exactly help, either.

Puzzle were scarce in this game. the only puzzle I could see was a massive 'Invisible Maze' I like to call it. Now, if it was smaller, it would have been fine. But the fact that it was gigantic, just seemed lazy to me.

Power ups were given too much in this game; well, not too much, but the wrong ones were given. Because of one power up, while i should have died in the 'Hall of Turrets' (:3), I didn't lose a single point of HP.


Maybe try and test it and try and get to the end before publishing. Then if there are any cons, try and fix them. Also, don't just give out random power ups- Make sure you know what you're giving. It's kinda like being a doctor; You wouldn't just give your patient any old medicine, would you? (If you would, then I would hope you aren't my doctor 0_0) Well, anyway, I guess I haven't talked that much about the good parts of this game, which may make you stray from playing this game. If you are considering that, NOOOOOOOOO. This is an incredible game.


Fun: 3.75/5: Not quite a four, but not a 3, that's for sure)

Puzzles: 3.5/5: You get this score because I couldn't get out of the maze.

Addictiveness: 2.5/5: 50 50, only because of the lag and those Mudpolys.

Cheezburger Rating: 3.5/5: Keep at it, Jcaldwell. It isn't long before you get a featured game, if you can make a game like this after only two months and what, 6 games? Nice work :)

Feature Worthy: Not quite, but you're getting there :)


Castle of Bones Reviewed by babybuster4ever on Saturday, August 13th 2011. Omigawsh Ish A Cashul Of Bones! :O - A game review written by babybuster4ever for the game 'Castle of Bones' by jcaldwell. Rating: 0.5