Review by babybuster4ever on Sunday, January 2nd 2011
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Diological is a game created by staylor21fan


Staylor21fan is always a game-maker to watch. But although this game has been featured for a while, I still haven't tried it. But he requested this review, so I had to play it. And I hope I'm in for a surprise! But first, what does diological mean? *looks up in dictionary* I think it's supposed to be, 'Dialogical'...

This game starts off with a puzzle experienced game-makers/creators should know. It probably will present a challenge to some newbies. But This game has it with a twist. You have a choice of 2 ways and 2 teleporters. But which will you choose? Well, after getting the right teleporter, you see a 'certain'(from now on I won't mention what power-ups Staylor gives you) power-up. Now, I'm not gonna tell you what happens next. It took me a few tries to get it right. After that you battle some Thugs., and uh... that's as far as I got. I couldn't find the Perm switch. So...*Clicks 'replay game'* but first...*Rates game 5 stars* There we go!

Second Attempt: *cough* Now that is embarrasing. The Perm block is in a position I have passed for the sixth time now. So, you use the 'power-up' you are give to activate it, then you continue on. By now, the enemies are probably dead or low on health due to the hot-block flooring (which reminds me, you have to be fast to complete this game), so it will be an easy fight. after that, you face a Green Perm block. Now, you should know what that does. It switches ON a block, not off like an Orange. I didn't touch it. After that, You see a fire-troll (gulp) and behind it, a yellow key. Great. Just great. Now if you reached my not-so excelent position, you know what I'm talking about. If you havn't, GTFO. Jk. Now, I didn't touch that. Instead, I walked on to be killed by crushers. The End. No! Wait! You still have to read the AFTER-THOUGHTS! DUNUNAAHHH!!


Here we are, the end of an epic journey. We are at the part where I get to say What I am thinking right now. I am thinking: This game was epic. Was it feature worthy? Definitely. Was it deserving of 2 stars? NUH UH UH! It deserves five! Now, It's time for the ratings.


Fun- 9/10


Originality- 10/10

Scenery- 4/10 (I don't think scenery was required)


Overall- 10/10

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Diological Reviewed by babybuster4ever on Sunday, January 2nd 2011. Dio-Whatical? - A game review written by babybuster4ever for the game 'Diological' by staylor21fan. Rating: 5