Da BB Reviewz: Oh.My.God.

Review by babybuster4ever on Sunday, May 1st 2011
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Sketch is a game created by nitrogendioxide

Pre thoughts

I know Nitro from the forums, but never played any of his games. I've probably never even looked at his account page, MS or Forum. lmao. But, anyway, with the Soft-launch of the Physics Puzzle released to the forums, most people were checking out basicly every game. So, I saw this one: Sketch. People seemed to like it, and Manur said he'd featured it. I checked, and, he had. So I played. And I played posibly the best give I have, and probably will stay this way for a LONG time, ever played.


Once apon a boring time, there was a boy called Jack. He was creative and adored drawing ice-cream, war, characters and Mario. But what he liked the very best was to draw ridicoulusly good houses. One day, after a dum day of school, he threw himself onto he chair and got out a peice of paper. "Hmm..." Mumbled Jack. He was going to draw a house. First, he had to sharpen his pencil, but he couldnt find the sharpener... So he borrowed one from his next-door neighbour. But what he did'nt know was that sharpener, instead of lead, had pure gold for it's tip. He obviously did'nt notice, nor did he care. Jack just started to draw his masterpeice house. 2 hours later, only being disturbed 10 times by almost getting su(ked in by a volcano, having a team of vikings invade his room, having his sister attack him 7 times with Barbie Dolls, and, a monster jellybean, Jack finally finished. He came out with a luxury house with 7 people in it. For fun, Jack added angry faces on 7 of them, and a 'HEHEHE' face on the other. Then, it was time to have dinner. *The next day..* "WHA..?" Screamed Jack. He wondered why the paper was getting bigger towards his face. Then it hit him. Litteraly. Then, suddenly, all his sketchs started to glow, and become bright gold. ALl of a sudden, he got su(ked into his own drawing, in his own magificent sketch house. The first thing he sees is one angry faced pentagon. "Good, like i planned.." Then it started to move. "Not good, thats not what i planned.." "Maybe i can get the heck outta here from the attic."

Yeah, lol, big story. Anyway, onto the game play.

Game play

ZOMFGLOLWTFZOMFGOMGOMGBBQ. BEST. GAME. EVER. For a start, it was visually amazing. Perfect. Awesome. Outstanding. Epic. Whatever word you want to use. It had great artwork (Even though that was probably included in 'Visually Amazing' lol): For example, the lights were pwnage. The beds were amazing. In fact, the whole house was amazing.This didn't even LOOK like a game made from a kid's game creator. It looked like a game it took 30 adults 2 months to make. Of course, tweeks could have been made. For example, it could have been bigger: One level isn't enough for this epic game D:

The puzzles were zilch sadly (Or mabye they were everywhere and I just walked through them). This is one thing that could have made this game super-epic-mega-pwnage-why-isn't-this-in-the-EGL kind of game. The enemies were also pretty hard to dodge D:

Puzzles/traps: 2/5

Action: 4/5

Scenery: 6/5

Overall: 5/5

BTW, if you think this is biased, its actually quite harsh. This proves the epicsaucetasticness of this game. Kthxbai


Sketch Reviewed by babybuster4ever on Sunday, May 1st 2011. Da BB Reviewz: Oh.My.God. - A game review written by babybuster4ever for the game 'Sketch' by nitrogendioxide. Rating: 5