By bakernater :: Tuesday June 29th, 2010


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ever since the dawn of time there has been the need for an asasination team. there has been a need for there work. espeicaly now. eepeicaly now the ice ream stealers have taken over. the man in chage of stealing the worlds fizzy drinks, chocolahte bars and ice cream is called MR QWERTYBUSS and is using his magnifcent army of muted vegtables to change the diets of every human on earth. bob is an expert unhealthy person and is proud to b. so one day when shopping for a fridge he is stopped by the worlds kings of chocolhate and asked to save their fates. bob has preteded to work for MR QWERTYBUSS for 3 years now, and has infiltrated hus house so that he can smuther his top securoty gaurds in candy floss to make them change their ways. he is on the non healhy war path.


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