hall of therdome

By bargebird :: Wednesday April 21st, 2010


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this is (what you probbalbly arleady v noticed) an easier version of 1 of my games (NINJAPALACE) becouse the version be4 this 1 whas rly hard.... i just trew away some ninjas and bats becouse they went out of the playingfield (wHile playin). IF YOU LIKE A LITTLE HARDER GAME thEN PLAy NINJAPALACE. HER are intructions: 1 switch to the granates. 2 tro 2 to the ninjas 3 switch quikly to the multigun 4 kill em 5 ddestroy the barrels in front of the jumpin ninja 6 swim to the seeable barrel 7 destroy it 8 switch to sword again and press the permswitch (orange) 9 kill em 10 kill boss 1 (george) 11 kill ninjas 12 kill archies with barrels 13 kill boss 2 (flying draculas) 14 get laser 15 kill enboss (tovin thor)


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