[#4] I've Always Wanted To Be A Penguin!

Review by beast4321 on Wednesday, September 14th 2016
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Chasm is a game created by j0ji

Beast4321 here, once more, here for another review. This time, I will be reviewing a featured, puzzle game called Chasm, by a member with a very peculiar name, J0ji. I feel this is an important question to answer, so I won't continue any further until I've answered it;

What exactly is a j0ji?


My brain can't take this, so let's skip this awkard topic and get to the review. I will now analysis this game in great detail, before answering the all important question; is this game worthy of the feature it has?

Story: (Normally I would copy and paste the story from the game description, but the story is given in fragments though out the game, so I shall instead summarise it.)

My brain is still recovering from trying to work out what a J0ji is, so I hope the story isn't to complicated. I might not survive it. Anyway, there are two concepts to the story of Chasm, and, I'm sorry to say, they're VERY complex.

Concept one: you're a penguin

(Thought that was complicated? Just wait till you read this.)

Concept two: You chased a sleigh down a cliff and you're now stuck in the chasm.


R.I.P Beast, who suffered greatly under the pain of brain overheating, before passing away. You will be missed.


On a serious note, I really like the story to Chasm. It's simple, it's unique, and it's just generally different to a lot of stories on sploder. Another good thing about this is that you're a penguin... I've always wanted to be a penguin! Now my dream has finally come true...

Gameplay (Because lots of factors go into gameplay, I will analysis them all, before exp0laining the combinded effect.)

Placement/level design:

The placement and level design were utter hell. Possibly the worst I've ever seen. All of it was cramped... And not just normal not much space cramped, but I'll-bump-my-head-on-the-ceiling-every-time-I-jump-cramped (I just made a new word... skillz.) Quite a lot of the game was set on slopes that you have to jump on to acsend; now imagine that you have to climb a slope like that, but every time you jump you hit the roof and bounce back to the ground. Now imagine doing that twenty times, until you finally reach the top of the slope... only to realise there's another, poorly placed slope right after it, and you have to do it all again. You're imagining Chasm, well done! The placement and level design fr this game is sloppy and ill-conceived. J0ji has clearly not spent any time on polishing it. So far, disapointing.


The puzzles in Chasm were interesting to say the last. For most of them, you'd have to break a box, or search around, until you found a clue. These clues wo4uld appear as a result of something happening, and or essentially a couple of arrows, or a picture, which hints what to do next. After you found the clue, it's pretty simple to work out what to do next. In the first level of gameplay (level three,) you'd have to break a slab of wood, opening up a room. You'd then have to grab a hammer and use it to smash some rocks to win the level. The accutual puzzles were pretty basic, but the cl4ues are something I've never seen before, and quite possibly revalutionary. As for traps, nothing. Just how I like games.

Difficulty/level progression

J0ji has created a very hard game with Chasm. The first level was pretty easy and I did it first try (there are no hazards in the first level so that isn't much of an acheivement.) Level two introduced hazards that will make you restart the level if you touch them, which ramps up the difficulty very quickly. There are some boulders that roll downhill, and they were brutal. I died to them countless times. The difficulty became to much for me on level three (that sounds so pathetic.) Level progression was done well; mostly. I felt that there was too much of a difficulty spike on level two. There is also another frustrating problem with this game.The hammer. J0ji clearly ripped off Thor with the hammer. "You cannot lift the hammer if you are not worthy." (quote from Thor) if that is the case with this game, I am clearly not worthy. It is supposed to stick to you like a magnet, and occasionly it did; but mostly it didn't. It kept getting stuck on floor details, making the first level hell to play through. Also, when you finally get the hammer, you can fly. (Why?) I think it's a bug, and it's a pretty cool bug; but it just made the game feel messy.

Gameplay (as a whole)

The gameplay was pretty good. I liked the puzzles, the clues, the style; the only think I didn.t like about it was the placement and the lack of forgivness this game offers. There was loads of cool sequences, some great puzzles and clues to go with them, but those two things put a real sour note on the game, and our likely to drive inexperienced gamers away. I felt that, if the hazards didn't instantly kill you, the whole game would have been a little more enjoyable, the difficulty spike is just too much. Placement didn't help either. As I mentioned earlier, the slopes are murder. J0ji, fix up placement and make the game more forgiving and the gameplay would be much better.


Scenery was pretty good. The levels were set in icy caves, and they all featured a plain white backdrop, which is disapointing, but there are lots of ground details that are great. Random bits of wood and stones are scattered all over the floor, keeping the game interesting and adding a great atmosphere, but also resulting in the hammer problems I mentioned earlier. Another thing I didn't like was that the scenery was the same every level, which became reptitive very quickly. If you want to get a feel for the scenery without actually playing the game, imagine looking through an art gallery but every painting is the same. Boring. Same with this game. J0ji, in future you should add diferent scenes to your games to make them more interesting.


Great puzzles

Nice ground details


Poor placement

Unforgiving difficulty

Reptitive scenery


Story: 3/5

placement/level design: 2.5/5

puzzles/traps: 4.5/5

Difficulty/level progression: 3/5

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Scenery: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.75/5

Game rank:

Beast game = 5/5

Feature worthy game = 4/5

Decent game = 3/5

Below Average game = 2/5

Rubbish game = 1/5

I rank Chasm as decent.


Chasm is a good game. It has some cool sequences and some great concepts. The only thing is, there'll be some poorly execueted slope that will really ruin the flow of the game. J0ji, in future I suggest you polish your games more.

Feature worthy?

3.75 is below the feature worthy rank, so I must say no. This is a great game and all, but not quite feature worthy.

Peace out.


Chasm Reviewed by beast4321 on Wednesday, September 14th 2016. [#4] I've Always Wanted To Be A Penguin! - A game review written by beast4321 for the game 'Chasm' by j0ji. Rating: 3