10 reasons why Sean1000 Sux

By benisawesome7 :: Thursday December 31st, 2009


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Yeah, you clicked the link to this game. Good job. As you can tell, this is NOT a game, but a MESSAGE. As the title says, here's 10 reasons why Sean1000 splode. 1: He has been LIEING to you. There IS no user named Microchip, and it's obvious that micheal guy is an alt. 2: He has harassed the forums several times, swearing and what-not. 3: He's an idiot. 4: He is EVADING punishment. He was never meant to come back. HE WAS BANNED FROM THIS SITE, AND YET HE'S BACK. 5: See above. 6: He has a horde of idiots following in his foot steps and those who beleive his side of the story are a part of his "soldiers". 7: =___= He's annoying. 8: His lies are convinceing but COME ON, there's several of his alts on this site. How can no one see that? 9: Se above. 10: I realize this is an easy game. It was intended too, so I can shed some light on Sean, the liar of Sploder. thank you.


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