Wario Land 4

By betrrr :: Saturday July 2nd, 2016


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Wow!This game was certainly a late bloomer! Well,anyways,here is the new game in my Wario Land Series! P.S.The next series of mine is Paper Mario :) This one is the closest to its original Nintendo version,but of course I added in a little bit of my tweaks as well :D So,what's featured in this version?Well,this time,you actually collect diamonds!Yay! And,there is the golden diva!Ahh...I still remember how this series started.I made a game called "Wario finds his true callng",and I thought,"hey,I haven't made a Mario-related game in awhile anyways,so why don't I give it a whirl? So now,you have this game and my other three.I MIGHT let this series live a little longer,but,eh,I dunno. Well,see ya in my next description! ^_^


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