Is There A Sequel That Can Live Up To The First?

Review by bgscurtis on Wednesday, August 4th 2010
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Cry Wolf 2 is a game created by jason92007

When I heard there was a sequel to a great action game, I thought, "Aw great, something else to draw attention away from me." I played this game, and... It was pretty good. Not great, but good.

The starting puzzle had me stumped for a bit, it was quite clever. Destroying the speeder after several attempts, I noticed a pattern and then progressed forward. I got past the mortar path, which wasn't as great as it was in the original. It was easy just to rush past this part, even with the repeller. Down the path of pushers, yada yada yada. Oh look, blue key.

Trapped in nitro. It was easy, one due to the new update where keys are poor fighters and two it was stuck in the nitro. But the first time I got up here I took the invisible too soon. Restart. Get up there again. Get back to the key again, then push onwards. I found the mortar layout sloppy again, because it did next to no damage at all. Then bump. Hit the yellow key.

Get pushed into a small room. Oh look, an invisible! Beat the key. Crud, the invisible doesn't last. Restart. I find it amazing how tempting the powerups are. The next time, the invisible gets destroyed by mines. Restart. I would like to note also how addictive this game is. Beat the key. Take the crystal, flip the switch, take the invisible. Head back to the start. Then, I got lead to the crystal. Stupid me. Restart.

Then, back to the part, without making any mistakes, I head to the next area. It looks terrifying, but it was incredibly easy. I took the invisible. You can see where this is going, right? Restart. Return to the same spot, avoid the invisible, nab the second crystal. I thought I was done, but no. A copter destroyed the invisible. Jason was lucky this game is so addictive. I replayed the game AGAIN, took a different route that wouldn't get the powerup destroyed, get the crystal, get the invisible, rush back to the starting point and take the final crystal. My hear is literally racing by the time I beat the game.

It is remarkable how addictive Cry Wolf 2 is. Its simplicity and relative suitable difficulty makes me want to beat it. The main thing forcing me to restart are the temptations Jason put into the game, the action is limited.


Time to Beat: 2:26

Enemy Placement: _____
Powerups: __________
Map: _________
Length: ________
Lag: _________
Puzzles/Challenges: _________

Uniquity: **** (out of 5)






Enemy placing

Overall: ________

A completely different direction to the original. I wouldn't say that it's equal to Cry Wolf, but it's definitely worth playing.


Cry Wolf 2 Reviewed by bgscurtis on Wednesday, August 4th 2010. Is There A Sequel That Can Live Up To The First? - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Cry Wolf 2' by jason92007. Rating: 4