Shocking! It Leads Up To Something Great.

Review by bgscurtis on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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-Vulture- is a game created by ghost111

Nothing like a game at two in the morning to get you pumped. For the second part of my application, Bobbler has asked me to review -Vulture-. I have played some of his games before, and all of them have a flawless design on them. The gameplay isn't too shabby either.

We start off with a corridor that takes us up to our first enemy, the basic guard. Nothing difficult here, I just moved on to a reverser behind a pusher. Again, simple. Perhaps this was to entice a basic player into playing more of the game. Then through the teleporter. This placed me underneath a polygon, where anything could happen. But only a few enemies stood in my way, they mostly didn't even fire at me. The map is easy to maneuovre around, so I headed on through another teleporter.

This is where I got my first chance at most of the tantalising crystals, 10 of the 18. First I headed straight through teleporter. This led me to a bunch of walls and other teleporters. I headed through one and bam! Surprise red key. Then another... and another... and about 5 more times after that to get 8 crystals and 8 red keys. You can either stay back and kill them all with an atomic found with one of the crystals, or do as I did and GTFO after killing one. After that I headed right to another reverser on a pusher. This was very easy, I just disabled it and went past. Two easy crystals. I then headed left. One guard. Finished him, thinking to myself that maybe this game is quite empty. I quickly went onwards, to a maze where I saw a blue door. Backtracking time.

Back to the concealing polygon, not all has been discovered. The wall that is the centrepiece of this pocket of the game would be the wall. With 3 powerups on, I wanted on. It is guarded by a red door sitting on a teleporter. Collect the powerups. Then, towards the blue key. Easy to beat with the atomic I collected before. Too easy. It would have been cool to have more enemies and less powerups. Back to the maze. Well, kind of maze, as it has multiple choices but it wasn't that big. I headed through the teleporter, then bam! Tanks surging you with electricity from underneath weak walls. This wasn't difficult, as the tell-tale arrows indicating a teleporter gave it away. I broke through and emerged on the other side.

At that point, I saw two things that were becoming consistent. I repeller on guess where, a pusher. And it was guarding a megahealth. It kept my health >100%. Pushing on, I head through another teleporter, to a concealing polygon area, hiding two turrets. Not difficult. Just push through. But I saw a powerup, so took it and made the yellow key fight easy. But I then saw a reason fit to have a bunch of powerups. Two invincibilities and an atomic weren't ample for defeating the behemoth of the game. It was intense, no matter what angle of attack you chose. I was under heavy fire, but continued to try and beat the game. I lost with 17 crystals out of 18. It literally had my heart pumping at the end.


Time Beaten: N/A

Difficulty: ________
Enemy Placement: ________
Map: __________
Lag: __________
Length: ________
Puzzles/Challenges: _________
Uniqueness: ________


- Map design

- No lag

- Epic finale


- A few too many powerups.

Overall: 8.5/10

Recommendations: Remove some of the powerups and add some enemies to spice some scenes up.


-Vulture- Reviewed by bgscurtis on Thursday, June 10th 2010. Shocking! It Leads Up To Something Great. - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game '-Vulture-' by ghost111. Rating: 4