Review Of Brutal, By Paradon

Review by bgscurtis on Thursday, December 23rd 2010
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Brutal is a game created by paradon

It's been a while, but since Emp has told us that reviewers who don't review don't deserve their spot, I thought I better review or risk losing my rank. But now on to the game.

Paradon, as a member of the esteemed top ten featured game makers, is known to be a very capable game maker. Brutal is another example of his skill in the art of game making.

Brutal is an intense action game that saps away most of your health with each sequence. This is balanced by the rather generous powerups that are given afterwards.

You start off in the transition room where you return to after beating each key. Not knowing what to expect, I glide into the first room. From what you see first, two guards, you wouldn't expect this to be very challenging, but then the other enemies appear. Normally, it would be quite easy to beat these enemies, but what Paradon has done is using a combination of the different polygons which transforms the game into a hectic fight for life.

The game is full of these types of sequences, so when I took this into account, it turned into a game of tactics and bot abuse.

Now moving onto cons. The key fights were bland, pardon the yellow key (which still got stuck in the bounce polys). You were given an atomic for the red keys stacked on top of each other and the blue key was just a touch and wait for it to die. Not very exciting there. There was also significant lag which multiplied the difficulty of the game.

The ending may I add was also a tad anti climatic.

The story was somewhat reminiscent of Liv33vil's Master of Chaos, where there is some powerful, mysterious figure who wants to watch you die put is annoyed when you fight and win. I love the role reversal used.

I would change a few things, but would be proud to have a game just like this.


Difficulty: _________
Enemy Placement: _________
Powerups: ________
Map: ________
Length: ________
Lag: _______
Puzzles/Challenges: _________

Uniqueness: *** (out of 5)

Overall: 8.1/10

Suggestions: Cut down on things that aren't necessary (the stacked red keys) to reduce lag and maybe you could work on a more ~epic~ ending. But that's it really. Good job Paradon.


Brutal Reviewed by bgscurtis on Thursday, December 23rd 2010. Review Of Brutal, By Paradon - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Brutal' by paradon. Rating: 4