An Undiscovered Gem, Perhaps?

Review by bgscurtis on Friday, July 9th 2010
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The Soldier is a game created by blonk

Wow. I didn't know what to expect when my brother told me about this gamer he stumbled upon. This is the only game I have played of his and I can already tell he can go on to achieve great things.

The starting point is nothing less of what what I would expect from already well recognised game makers. It is difficult, but possible and took me quite a few times to get past. And excellent balance between health and nitro, plus the red key in the middle. The use of mortars was great, even if they could hit each other. You slip into a position where two mortars would destroy each other, only to have the others take you out. Then, when I moved on, I went upwards.

Why did I do that? I was so rushed from the action before, I had forgotten about the red key I had taken out earlier! They edged off my health and then turned left to where I was supposed to go.

It got pretty easy from here on in, it provided generous amounts of health, with easy enemy layout to snatch the health and take them out without too much hassle. The room consisted of atomics, weak wall patterns, crystals guarded by keys. This was very easy due to the atomic powerup, of which only one was required. Simple as; destroy the walls, kill the keys, grab the crystals then get out.

Onto the second room, it was a nice layout here but it mirrored the other part I went to first, only it had a yellow key trapped behind yellow doors. This is good for a new member. It would have been more enjoyable if I hadn't went back to steal the spare atomic.

Then the third room that mirrors the first room exactly, so we shall move to the final room. I had already taken out the enemies, so that only left the launchers and tank, easy with the spare atomic boost. The last crystal disappeared and then showed "Mission Accomplished".

Time: 4:25

Enemy Placement: _______
Power-ups: ______
Map: _______
Length: ________
Lag: __________
Puzzles/Challenges: _______

Uniquity: ** (out of 5)


Good map

Good game for a newbie

No lag



Too many powerups

Overall: _______

Recommendations: Take out some power-ups and and some more gameplay in to replace the symmetry and you will go far.


The Soldier Reviewed by bgscurtis on Friday, July 9th 2010. An Undiscovered Gem, Perhaps? - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'The Soldier' by blonk. Rating: 3.5