Not Really A "Hot" Game

Review by bgscurtis on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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Blue Flame is a game created by sansander97

Blue Flame was on the featured list, so I expected something good. I played it and didn't find anything spectacular about this game. Nor did I find anything remotely interesting.

The first game I played by sansander97 and it wasn't at all very good. You start off in a very dull area, void of anything remotely interesting. You then move on to an area consisting of multiple speeders and take them out and take the health provided. You then move on and dash past some enemies and turn on some switches, all while collecting unnecessary powerups until you find the crystal accompanied by guess what? More unnecessary powerups.

This game was really basic, so there isn't anything good worth mentioning. There is on the other hand, a lot I can tell you about Blue Flame that wasn't very good. The enemies were placed awfully and I could skip 80% of them and this led to boring sequences that made my brain go numb.

The powerups in Blue Flame were mostly unnecessary, especially the ones at the end by the crystal. Those and others placed throughout the game were just pointless and I recommend not doing this at all in the future.

Now, I'm not one for commenting on scenery, but when I played Blue Flame I couldn't help but remark on how bland it was. Sansander tried using polygons for design but it failed miserably. The blue background did not suit any of the colours used and it made my eyes want to vomit.


Difficulty: ______
Enemy Placement: ___
Powerups: __
Map: ___
Length: _____
Lag: _________
Puzzles/Challenges: _____

Uniqueness: 0 (out of 5)

Overall Rating: 4.4/10

Suggestions: I suggest putting more time and effort into your game and allow people to test your games before they are published so you can receive some feedback.

I'm now off to unfeature Blue Flame. Please leave comments if you have any queries with this review.


Blue Flame Reviewed by bgscurtis on Wednesday, December 29th 2010. Not Really A "Hot" Game - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Blue Flame' by sansander97. Rating: 2