[BHR] Raging As I Write My Second BHR

Review by bgscurtis on Wednesday, December 29th 2010
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Overall is a game created by jfurey14

Jfurey has had his games reviewed many times by the BHR glorious leader, Empoleon. Well I have saved him the trouble of reviewing this terrible game.

We start off with something that has been done over and over and over and over and over again. The race against time where you have to activate switches to find another switch and so on until you can finally get out. This is completely unoriginal and could have been done better if some thought had been put into it to make the sequence even an iota unique.

Now after the beginning, what do we move on to? A long, seemingly endless boring and empty path. This is why we have teleporters, so we don't need to have the dull spaces where nothing is going on. No one wants to travel down these for ten seconds because it is boring and takes away from the enjoyment of the game.

After passing that ever so hard sequence of holding my finger on the mouse it's right back to another cliche. The obstacle ring which requires you to spam bots to get out. However jfurey manages to mess this up by placing a nitro and some health in with you. I have two problems with this. One is that why didn't you just take it all out? So instead having more health you could have less, thus having more of a challenge? The second would be that it can be easily glitched out of without losing any health at all, which I'm not going to share.

So after getting out you must face a key and then use a wingman to open some doors for you. Number 3 on the cliche count. By then I'd lost all hope for Overall. But from then on the game doesn't have any cliches, but is still very boring.

Overall is a terrible game. It's just chews up and spits out some cliches and comes with some very boring "action" (I use the term lightly) sequences, especially when you grab an invisible and fight the blue key without any bother. The colour scheme reminded me of what goes into the toilet.

The only thing that prevents me from lowering the score is the time limit, which adds some challenge to Overall.

However the biggest fail from Overall is at the end, when there are multiple choices and only one is correct, but jfurey chose the supplies. The reason this fails ladies and gentlemen is that supplies have an arrow that point to where they are, rendering jfurey's final trap completely and utterly useless.

The final thing I will comment on is the title. The title, Overall, had nothing to do with the game. Maybe if jfurey had tried putting in a story to make the title have something to do with the gameplay I wouldn't have minded, but it seems he just picked a random word and used it as a title.


Difficulty: __
Enemy Placement: __
Powerups: _
Map: _
Length: _
Lag: ____
Puzzles/Challenges: _


As a Whole: 1/5

Suggestions: Put some time into thinking of new things. People don't want the same stuff over and over again, they want new things to do in the games you produce.

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