[BHR] No Effort Required

Review by bgscurtis on Saturday, January 1st 2011
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Survival is a game created by osamah

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to my last review of the year, but my third with the BHR. I saw this monstrosity of a game requested to be reviewed AND featured on my good friend hkassrulz's page. I'm thinking if it was asking to be featured then I guess it couldn't be too bad. How wrong I was.

The gameplay consists of you just going through teleporters and collecting 3 crystals. You could win in about 5 seconds. This game was asked to be featured. Are you serious? I mean he did put some meaning blocks and enemies in between but they might as well have not been there. All that was required was to hop into the teleporter, grab the crystals and win.

Now, for a review I had to go through the game in its entirety to give it a full evaluation. From what I played, it was all just terrible. The enemies could just be jumped over to avoid having to fight and the map was misshapen. It had random tiles placed and a lot of them were unnecessary when playing through it fully. Well, none of it was needed but I'm not going there again. And those random background pieces I like to call seizure walls were placed aimlessly. It was a mess, like some sort of dead creature from another galaxy.

I don't know how I got a longish review out of this, but now it's time to go onto the ratings.



Enemy Placement:

Powerups: ___






Overall: 0.3/5

Suggestions: Don't put teleporters that take you directly to the objective. It takes out the challenge.

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Survival Reviewed by bgscurtis on Saturday, January 1st 2011. [BHR] No Effort Required - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Survival' by osamah. Rating: 0