[BHR] The Worst Game I've Reviewed Yet

Review by bgscurtis on Saturday, January 1st 2011
Click to play Join Bimps and Venus.

Join Bimps and Venus. is a game created by v3nu5

Wow, is it 2011 already? Only 3 reviews with the Brutally Honest Reviewers but this year holds many more. We're going to kick it off with a really terrible game requested in the BHR thread.

Well, there isn't much to say for 'Join Bimps and Venus' other than it being an advertisement covered by a god-awful game. It basically consists of you hopping into the powersuit and beating the splode out of big mutants until you get close enough to grab the poorly positioned crystals. The game was a total bore as you just killed them for the majority of the game. There is no variety whatsoever and there is no challenge in mashing the spacebar and hold down the right arrow key until you win, unless you like that sort of stuff. >_>

When it comes down to scenery, there is none. Not even a background to liven up this boring mess. It's not hard, just drag some backwalls and put them into some coherent order to make something remotely interesting to look at.

I'm sorry I couldn't get anything else out of this, but play it for yourself and you'll find that 'Join Bimps and Venus.' is a joke. And once again, this was requested. I do not normally review advertisements.



Enemy Placement:







Overall: 0

Suggestions. Put more than 30 seconds into a game. It takes great gamers hours to make and test the works of art (not literal art games) they present to Sploder.

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